Jani-King International

A Brief Profile

Who are we?

Founded in 1969, Jani-King is the world's largest commercial cleaning franchise company with more than 12,000 franchisees serving tens of thousands of customers.

Since 1999, we have been serving many well-known local and international clients in Hong Kong. Client list will be furnished upon request.

What do we do?

We provide professionally managed commercial cleaning services in a flexible and customer-made service to our clients.

The attached "Scope of Work" offers you insight of our typical scope and extent of services. No two clients are the same it is therefore our policy to tailor-made each services to suit individual client's needs, not only in terms of scope but also in term of length of our services.

Our Believe

We have a very simple and common-sense believe: "Client will only use us if our services are good." We have been in existence since 1999 and have been serving many demanding clients which is a positive vindication of our quality services.

Our Approach

All members of our cleaning teams are professionally trained in respect of the cleaning task and interpersonal skill to ensure that they fully understand the client's needs as well as the business nature of the clients [e.g. security / confidentiality issue]. In return, we reward our cleaner team members in a reasonable manner; allowing us to maintain a stable and quality cleaning teams.

Single Point of Contact - we provide single point of contact for our clients such that the clients needs are fully understood and precisely communicated to the cleaning teams.

Supervision / Management - most of our competitors consider "cleaning" is a simple task and ignore the importance of constant and good "on site" supervision, education & management of the cleaning team. We differ by emphasizing the importance of "on site" supervision and management by assigning an "operations manager" as our "single point of contact" who will regularly monitor our franchisee cleaners. Further, we will ensure the franchisee will maintain contact with client on a monthly basis as a minimum to review the quality of services provided. Further we educate and evaluate each cleaner in term of their performance and inter-personal skill and manner.

Independent Check - To ensure the services we deliver meet our clients' need as well as our expectations, we carry out independent check at least once a month. A typical management tool for this is our "Operation Inspection Report" which would be presented to client after site inspection.

Public Liability Coverage

We have procured a Public Liability Insurance with HK$3million coverage per occurrence, offering our clients the peace of mind.

Clients Feedback

We sincerely and seriously value feedbacks from our clients so that we can improve our quality of services. We will seek your comments upon completion of our services.